Excelevant is a software consulting and IT staffing firm that specializes in delivering innovative technology solutions and hiring top performing IT team members for our clients. We are also a certified HUB vendor for the state of Texas.

Our team helps companies from diverse industries gain a competitive advantage through the utilization of optimized staff, software applications and processes.

Technology Solutions

Custom Application Development
DevOps Implementation
Platform Optimization
Legacy Software Modernization
Systems Integration
Mobile Applications
Cloud Services

IT Staffing / HUB

IT Staffing and Resource Placement
HUB Subcontracting Partnerships
Just in Time Team Building

Additional Services

Marketing Strategy
Website Development
Business Writing
Email & Social Media Marketing

Utilize the Right Software

Software runs every business, and utilizing the right software for your business is essential. And while you know your business best, you might benefit from a little guidance in identifying which IT solutions and software applications would be most impactful for your organization’s productivity and growth. Among the most critical decisions a company can make is the investment in new technologies, because it will impact multiple business functions, often on a daily basis, and often for years to come. Excelevant offers 25 years of IT consulting expertise. We can partner with you to identify the best software solutions to maximize your success, and to buy or build, customize, install, and integrate those comprehensive solutions.

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Hire the Right People

The demand for highly skilled IT staff currently exceeds the supply of available professionals, and attracting people with the necessary expertise is critical to the success of your business. This can be especially challenging for companies when the technical resources are needed only for a short-term engagement, or when the hiring manager doesn’t have the time or technical background to adequately vet candidates. Significant time and money is lost when the right person proves difficult to find, or worse – when the wrong person gets hired. Excelevant offers a wide network of associates and can assist you in identifying and recruiting the precise team members needed for a specific job on a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent basis.

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