Additional Services
In addition to Technology Solutions, Excelevant provides Marketing, Operations, and HUB services.

Positioning a brand and marketing it are two of the most crucial aspects of business success, and often these are the ones that small companies have neither the time nor skill to deliver. Excelevant helps you hone and articulate your brand’s identity, and develop a comprehensive marketing blueprint to achieve your vision.

Excelevant can accurately determine where your business presently sits in the competitive landscape, and develop the actionable strategy to move you to where you want to be. We work with you to create encompassing marketing plans that can be executed by your team, or contracted to us. Our creative ideas, coupled with proven processes, will help you accomplish your marketing goals.
Website Development
Your website is often the first interaction that potential customers have with your business, so it better make a good impression. Utilizing integrated content management solutions like WordPress and Squarespace, Excelevant can build a website that presents your company to the world in a clear, concise and engaging way. We will integrate your brand and web presence so that it maximizes your reach and leads to business growth.
Great branding makes your business rise to the top above your competitors. Poor branding makes your business blend in, or worse, sink to the bottom. Having just the right name, the standout logo, the memorable tagline, etc. can make or break the company. Excelevant can partner with you to develop a striking new brand, or rebrand a company that isn't thriving.
Business Writing
Business writing takes many forms. Creating effective copy for websites and search engines, press releases, collateral, reports, and proposals all require a different tone. But no matter the type, all business writing has to be informational and persuasive, and deliver a message that hasn't already been conveyed a million times by other companies. The Excelevant team has deep experience in all forms of business writing and can create ideal copy for all of your marketing needs.
Email and Social Media Marketing
Knowing which email and social media platforms to utilize, and how often to use them, can be somewhat daunting. Direct email and social media campaigns have significantly changed how brands market to customers, and those businesses who use these tools well fair much better than their competitors. Let Excelevant help you maximize your email and social media efforts to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.
Process Refinement
Sometimes it becomes clear that current processes just aren't serving your business anymore. Excelevant assists you in evaluating what is working and what isn’t working. Using proven methodologies, we help to develop new processes and streamline existing ones. We provide measurable recommendations and strategies that will move your company closer to your critical business goals.
Just in Time Team Building
When new initiatives require assembling a team of specialized consultants/contractors, the timing of their onboarding and offboarding is crucial to the overall timeline and budget of the project. Bringing in the experts you need at the precise time you need them (and conversely rolling them off when their role is done) can save significant money and expedite project completion. Excelevant knows how to effectively plan just-in-time resourcing, as well as organizational streamlining techniques to make teams more efficient.
Resource Placement
Having the right people in the right roles is critical to every company’s success. Excelevant helps you find, vet, and integrate those right people for executive, managerial, and leadership positions within your organization. Our custom recruitment process has been honed over a decade to ensure that a candidate is first and foremost qualified for the position, but also the right fit for your company’s culture.

Excelevant is a certified HUB vendor for the state of Texas. We work directly with various state government agencies as the prime contractor, and also as the subcontractor to other consulting vendors for the fulfillment of HUB utilization requirements.

Excelevant Owner and Managing Director Jason Rios has several years of experience providing HUB services, both as the owner of his own HUB companies and as a HUB contractor through other providers. Coupled with his additional nine years’ experience working on government projects as a consultant with Accenture, you can rest assured that Jason and the Excelevant leadership understand the prerequisites and partnerships involved when delivering HUB services. Excelevant offers highly qualified associates with the necessary skills in all core competencies to build agile and effective teams that will fit your project.

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