Technology Solutions
Excelevant develops, deploys, and integrates custom technology solutions. We assist clients in evaluating and selecting the best-match technology platform(s) to achieve your business and operational goals.
Custom Application Development
Excelevant designs cutting-edge applications that are tailored to meet your business objectives. Our team works in collaboration with you from the initial concept definition to development to quality assurance to support. Our vast knowledge of available technologies results in the creation of impactful solutions that provide a high-quality user experience. We also ensure that the solution will not only meet your present needs, but can adapt and grow as your business does.
DevOps Implementation
Most companies now have a wide variety of software applications performing numerous business functions across multiple departments. This can lead to overlaps, and also gaps, in functionality, communication and support. Excelevant works with clients to adopt proven DevOps frameworks that unite the various systems and departments, and treat your IT assets as one entity. The result improved agility and productivity, continous delivery, and ultimately greater ROI for your entire infrastructure.
Platform Optimization
Cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce, Apptus and Sharepoint are powerful business tools, but one size does not fit all. Each platform offers a variety of apps, modules and add-ons that can extend their functionality and be personalized to fit your organization's needs. Excelevant can assist you to analyze the full capabilities of these tools, and implement them in a way that best serves your company.
Legacy Software Modernization
Business applications can lose value over time as newer, more efficient technologies and processes are introduced. But that doesn't always mean that they have to be scrapped in favor of the latest thing. Excelevant can modify existing software to protect your earlier investment and make it work better, faster and smarter for your company.
Systems Integration
When introducing new software to your business, it is often essential that it connect seamlessly to (and interact with) existing applications. Excelevant has helped numerous clients to unite various software solutions so that they function together as one IT system. We can analyze your current software landscape, determine what integrations would improve your productivity, and design the applications that bring everything together.
Mobile Applications
Since some of the world's most powerful computers now fit into the palm of our hand, it is critical that business applications perform consistently across devices. Excelevant utilizes the latest mobile and responsive technologies to build native apps and mobile-friendly software that allows your company to remain competitive in our smartphone-focused society.
Cloud Services
Cloud computing systems offer tremendous flexibility, scalability, and redundancy as your company grows and evolves. Excelevant provides insights into various Cloud services and how they can be implemented to add value and increase revenue for your business.

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Excelevant is a technology solutions consulting firm that works with clients to develop comprehensive IT strategies and deliver tailored software systems. We help companies from diverse industries gain a competitive advantage through the utilization of optimized applications and processes. Excelevant is committed to achieving business-critical objectives with excellence.

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