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Excelevant is led by Owner and Managing Director Jason Rios. Jason has been part of the IT Consulting industry for over 20 years. He has experience successfully managing multi-million dollar budgets, evaluating and selecting best-of-breed technology platforms, and designing and implementing software solutions across a variety of industries. He is a trusted business leader with a keen ability to expand client portfolios and build high-powered, innovative service delivery teams. Jason is extremely passionate about producing on-time, on-budget technology projects that exceed client expectations.

Excelevant has team members located around the world that offer the business analysis, operations management, technology design and development, quality assurance, and user experience skills to deliver projects of any size. Our associates are located in:

Partner Qualities
Clients tell us what they wish their business systems could do, and Excelevant translates those ideas into amazing technology solutions. Throughout the entire project lifecycle we look introspectively for new concepts, processes and applications that will transform your IT landscape.
The Excelevant team rapidly adapts our project plans as both new opportunities and challenges arise. If infrastructure, process or environmental factors shift, we can modify our strategies without losing project momentum or straying from your ultimate vision.
We bring the technical expertise, but it is our clients who supply the unique business knowledge. Nobody understands your products and services better than you, and we're ready to listen. Rather than being your solution provider, Excelevant will be your solution partner.

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Excelevant is a technology solutions consulting firm that works with clients to develop comprehensive IT strategies and deliver tailored software systems. We help companies from diverse industries gain a competitive advantage through the utilization of optimized applications and processes. Excelevant is committed to achieving business-critical objectives with excellence.

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