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Excelevant works with clients to develop comprehensive technology strategy and tailored software systems that achieve both top-line and bottom-line business objectives.

We bring deep knowledge and expertise in IT, business analysis, and operations to provide effective strategies and solutions. Our team works in collaboration with our clients to build detailed project roadmaps that list all key milestones and deliverables, so that clients can track the progress of their investment at each step of the way. We bring know-how, innovation and a true sense of partnership that drive costs down and efficiency up.

Excelevant is based in Austin, Texas with clients and associates located worldwide. We are ready to help your company realize your technology and business process goals, large and small.

Why Choose Us

The desire to provide clients with precisely the services and systems they need — without the overhead and bottlenecks that always accompany a bigger operation — led to the creation of Excelevant. Consultants frequently get a bad reputation, and too often, it is well deserved. Teams of technical people show up claiming to know what your company needs and how to deliver it, without ever taking the time to truly understand your business’ goals, culture and talents.

Excelevant was created to be different. Our teams are custom-built for each client to provide precisely the skills and expertise needed for the project, and we insist on full collaboration with those who know the business best — your people.

And… drumroll please… we actually deliver.  We learn fast, think fast, and deliver fast, with full disclosure of progress along the way.

Technology Solutions
Custom Application Development, DevOps Implementation, Platform Optimization, Legacy Software Modernization, Systems Integration, Mobile Applications, Cloud Services
Additional Services
Marketing, Operations, HUB

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Excelevant is a technology solutions consulting firm that works with clients to develop comprehensive IT strategies and deliver tailored software systems. We help companies from diverse industries gain a competitive advantage through the utilization of optimized applications and processes. Excelevant is committed to achieving business-critical objectives with excellence.

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