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Matching the process and technology to deliver excellence.

What we do

Excelevant works with clients to develop comprehensive technology strategy and tailored software systems that achieve both top-line and bottom-line business objectives.

The desire to provide clients with precisely the services and systems that they need — without the overhead and markups that always accompany a bigger operation — led to the creation of Excelevant. Our team works with clients to build comprehensive project roadmaps that list all key milestones and deliverables, so that clients can track the progress of their investment at each step of the way. We bring know-how, innovation and a true sense of partnership that drive costs down and efficiency up.

Why choose us

Consultants frequently get a bad reputation, and too often, it is well deserved. Teams of technical people show up claiming to know what your company needs and how to deliver it, without ever taking the time to truly understand your business’ goals, culture and talents.

Excelevant was created to be different. Our team insists on full collaboration with those who know the business best — your people. We help our clients realize IT, process, and operational goals both large and small.

And… drumroll please… we actually deliver.  We learn fast, think fast, and deliver fast — with full disclosure of progress along the way.

  • “Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

    - Steve Jobs -


Excelevant provides forward-thinking solutions and utilizes a fully transparent and collaborative approach that is historically lacking in the consultant/client relationship.


Sometimes business processes need to change to fit new, better technologies. Sometimes existing technologies should be tailored to support the process. Excelevant assists your company in evaluating and selecting the best-match technology platform(s) to achieve your business and operational goals.

We develop, deploy, and integrate custom solutions and software tailored to your business. In collaboration with your team, we build the implementation roadmap that lists all key milestones and technology deliverables, so you can validate your investment at each step of the way.


Executives are frequently too busy managing their business to stop and evaluate the effectiveness of their current business processes. Things are just done the way they’ve always been done. But what if some process refinement could improve your business exponentially?

Excelevant assists you in evaluating what is working and what isn’t working. Using proven methodologies, we help to develop new processes and streamline existing ones. We provide measurable recommendations and strategies that will move your business closer to your critical business goals.


People are the stars of every business. Having the right people in the right roles is critical to every company’s success. Excelevant helps you find, vet, and train those right people for executive, managerial, and leadership positions within your organization.

Our custom interviewing process has been honed over a decade to ensure that a candidate is first and foremost qualified for the position, but also the right fit for your company’s culture. We offer proven strategies to keep employees happy and highly productive, as well as organizational streamlining techniques to make teams more effective and efficient.


Positioning a brand and promoting it are two of the most critical aspects of business, and often these are the ones that small companies have neither the time nor skill to deliver. Excelevant helps you hone and articulate your brand’s identity, and develop actionable strategies to achieve your vision.

We work with you to create comprehensive marketing plans that can be executed by your team, or contracted to us. Our creative ideas, coupled with proven strategies, can help you accomplish your marketing goals. And we’re there each step of the way to ensure your success.



  • “See things in the present, even if they are in the future.”

    - Larry Ellison -

Excelevant Leadership

Our business goal is to realize yours.

Excelevant has associates locally and globally that offer the business analysis, operations management, design and development, quality assurance, and user experience skills to deliver projects of any size.

  • “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

    - Wayne Gretzky -


Excelevant is a certified HUB vendor for the State of Texas.

Excelevant provides professional and consulting services for government agencies. We work directly with various state offices as the prime contractor, and also as the subcontractor to other consulting vendors for the fulfillment of HUB utilization requirements. We offer end-to-end IT services and staffing, including project management, business analysis, software design, development and integration, quality assurance, and infrastructure design and deployment resources.

Excelevant Co-founder and Managing Partner Jason Rios has several years of experience providing HUB services, both as the owner of his own HUB companies and as a HUB contractor through other providers. Coupled with his additional nine years’ experience working on government projects as a consultant with Accenture, you can rest assured that Jason and the Excelevant leadership understand the prerequisites and partnerships involved when delivering HUB services. Excelevant offers highly qualified associates with the necessary skills in all core competencies to build agile and effective teams that will fit your project.

  • “Time is the friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of mediocre.”

    - Warren Buffet -


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